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What is Money Alignment Academy?

Money Alignment Academy helps great organizations achieve what they've always wanted: successful employees. Combining online modules with an interactive community, the Academy serves as a simple and easy-to-use employee engagement tool to address financial literacy and overall wellness.

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Not only will you gain financial clarity, solidify your impact and crystallize your goals, you'll have have access to a financial professional to develop a strategy for getting there. You'll have access to an online community to help you along the way and get new ideas weekly. Take control, increase confidence and continue learning.
I'm ready to make changes

What You'll Learn

  • Past

    You'll explore your family and personal history with money, giving you a stronger understanding of your current behaviors and habits.

  • Present

    You'll solidify the fundamental financial concepts to be successful with money and understand the impact you have in your work and community.

  • Future

    You'll create goals and a vision for your future, have your financial world in order, and continue learning with access to financial professionals.

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