Who Else Wants Financially Independent Kids?

How to Start YOUR Kids on Their Path to Financial Success

  • Learn fundamental concepts

    Personal finance can be complex and intimidating. I've simplified and distilled down everything your kids need to know in the areas of cash flow, budgeting, saving and investing, credit, and taxes

  • When to introduce different skills

    You'll learn when your kids will be ready to learn new financial lessons at each stage of their development

  • Career development

    You'll learn how to help your kids explore and pursue meaningful and lucrative work, as well as entrepreneurship

  • Giving

    You want your kids to be kind and generous. You'll learn how to teach your kids about making an impact in their communities

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You're in a position to help your children learn about money

You're in a position to get them started on their path to financial independence and success. Are you ready to accept that responsibility? 

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