This course will give you the foundation you need to move in the direction of your most important financial goals. You'll explore your history with money, you'll strengthen your current knowledge and you'll set clear goals for your future.

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  • George Grombacher

    Chief Community Officer

    George Grombacher

    From northern Minnesota, George was raised in a middle class family by a single mother. He was a tennis player and a handful. George is a nonconforming transcendentalist minimalist. He likes coffee, music, podcasting, writing, beer and wine. He loves his wife and kids, community, and thinking. George has worked in personal finance for 20 years and was named as a top 100 advisor in the US for the past three years. He’s working hard to encourage, empower, and entertain others so they can get better and live how they want. He's the President of Financial Consulting Professionals, the Founder and Chief Community Officer of Money Alignment Academy and the host of the LifeBlood podcast.